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Shunt Capacitor Device

Also referred as power factor correction capacitor, the offered Shunt Capacitor Device acts as a reliable medium of reactive power when it is connected to line to neutral voltage.  This capacitor device is instrumental in changing impedance variation of power distribution system. Its presence causes serious harmonic distortion. The installation of Shunt Capacitor Device in power distribution system helps to decrease gross current flow of the feeder of the device. As its result, the working life of electrical systems extends and the amount of voltage loss is reduced. This capacitor device is also effective in raising transmission rate of voltage which in turn helps to decrease transmission loss.

  • The enclosure of this capacitor device is made of rust proof metal.
  • It acts as a suitable source of reactive power.
  • The terminal block of this product is designed with copper stud.
  • Long working life
High Voltage Shunt Capacitor Device
High Voltage Shunt Capacitor Device
High Voltage Shunt Capacitor Device consists of capacitors, arrestors, discharge coil, and insulating switch. It is required for improving voltage quality of AC power system, to save energy, and reduce electric loss. They work as load balancing devices and can also be utilized as filters for harmonic oscillations having predominantly non-sinusoidal loads. It is highly capable of managing frequently varying fluctuations in high voltage applications.
Shunt Capacitor Device for Local Compensation
Shunt Capacitor Device for Local Compensation
Shunt Capacitor Device for Local compensation is required for improving reactive power factor and reducing energy losses occurred during power transmission. It is also utilized for smoothing voltage fluctuations, which is necessary for seamless running of electrical devices. This device composed of insulating switch, arrestors, discharge coils, and capacitors. It can be used in agricultural, metallurgical, mining, and building material industries. This capacitor has internal element fuse protection and is capable of handling harmonic loads.

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