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Liquid Resistor Rotor Soft Starter

Liquid Resistor Rotor Soft Starter
Product Code : 11
Product Description

Liquid Resistor Rotor Soft Starter

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: YDQ
  • Trademark: Big Pawer
  • Origin: Xiangyang, Hubei Province
  • Starting Current: < 1.3 Times Rated Current
  • Specification: CCC, CQC
  • HS Code: 8535900090

Product Description


Commonly referred as starters, the offered Liquid Resistor Rotor Soft Starter is considered as pioneering invention in the arena of starting systems for upgrading the starting attribute of medium as well as large wound AC asynchronous motors. It is used as essential part of air compressors, heavy duty pumps, crushers, motor used in ball grinding mills and heavy duty blast fans. All these devices have extensive applications in industries involve in chemical processing, metallurgy, mining and construction material production. The provided starter is instrumental in solving technical problems associated with troubled starting and performance related complications of frequency sensitive resistor starters. The offered rotor soft starter acts as a good substitute of metal resistor type and frequency sensitive type starters in terms of its performance.3822799

Standard & criterion

  • GB4720-1984 electric control devices part I low-voltage electric control devices
  • GB4942.2-1993 low-voltage electric devices shell protection grade
  • GB/T5226.1-1996  industrial mechanical electric devices part I general technical condition
  • GB/T13384-2008mechanical electric products casing general technical condition
  • GB14048.4-2003 low-voltage switch devices and control devices
  • low-voltage mechanical electric contactors and motor starters

Working condition

  • For improved performance of the offered soft starter, the lower limit of its working temperature should not be lower than -5ºC and the upper limit should not surpass +50 º C ranges.
  • The relative humidity level of working temperature should not be higher than 85% and the altitude should not be greater than 2000m.
  • This rotor soft starter should be kept in indoor away from the inflammatory substances that can cause burst or fire. It should not be exposed to impact and agitation or shake. The vertical inclination should not be higher than 5º.
  • This space should be free from inflammable dust as well as corrosive gases.
  • Power transmission and distribution system with having specifications of four-wire three-phase system along with 380V/220V 20A needs to be used for smooth operation of this starter. Prevention of voltage movement needs to be affirmed within the range of 15% of consumed voltage.
  • The user should set the heater when the working temperature is less than 0 degree C for longer period. The reason of heater installation should be mentioned during purchasing the soft starter.
  • The user should also provide required specification details regarding specific design of voltage power source while booking the goods.
  • All the attributes of the ordered product and its application requirements should be provided in detail.


Fundamental Principle

The advanced mechanism of this soft starter enables it to gradually reduce the relative distance of two parallel positioned plates of the conductive liquid unless the distance reaches to zero. A mechanical driving system is used to decrease this relative distance in order to promote reduction of return value of motor rotor return circuit. This entire procedure ensures uninterrupted starting of both medium sized as well as large sized wire wound asynchronous motors with heavy load enduring capacity.

Technical characteristics

  • Although the flow of starting current is lower than the standard flow, yet it has consistent flow unless the power distribution system is exposed to impact. The rate of starting current should not be 1.3 times higher than the rated current. Otherwise, the ability of transformer motor (that requires high load for starting) will tend to reduce which in turn will lead to higher operation cost.
  • The provided soft starter not only makes starting of electrical devices like motors smooth, but also extends their functional life up to 30%.
  • The soft starter performs well during its high heat capacity condition and it tends to begin its operation for 3~10 times better without any interruption.
  • This soft starter can also perform under low voltage condition. Hassle free starting of motor depends on the power distribution network.
  • Notable for its simple yet precise design, this soft rotor is convenient to maintain. It is preferred over the oil soaked type and frequency sensitive type resistors available in the market.

Type Rated Motor capacity(KW) Resistor box temperature(ºC) Circulation pump(KW) Cooling water(t/h)
YQT3-220 below 220 <55 0.37 2
YQT3-315 below 315 <55 1.1 3.5
YQT3-450 below 450 <55 1.1 5
YQT3-630 below 630 <55 1.1 6.5
YQT3-800 below 800 <55 2.2 10
YQT3-1000 below 1000 <55 2.2 12
YQT3-1400 below 1400 <55 4 15
YQT3-2000 below 2000 <55 5.5 20
YQT3-2500 below 2500 <55 7.5 28
YQT3-3200 below 3200 <55 11 38

Type  Appearance dimension mm Installation dimension mm
YDQ5-0.2 710 700 1800 550 550 18
YDQ5-0.4 810 800 2000 650 650 18
YDQ5-0.6 910 860 2000 750 710 18
YDQ5-1 1010 960 2000 850 810 18
YDQ5-2 1210 1160 2200 1050 1010 18
YDQ5-3 1420 1260 2200 1200 1156 18
YDQ5-4 1540* 1628 2850 1200 1480 18
YDQ5-6 2610* 1628 2850 2270 1480 18


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